For sight-unseen appraisals, I will require as much information from you as possible about the weapon, information such as answers to these questions below (Feel free to add any additional information; the more I have the more accurate the appraisal is likely to be.)

  • What are the factory markings, and are they intact?
  • What is the caliber or gauge?
  • Let me know how much of the original finish the gun has (using percentages 0 – 100%) or has the gun been reblued or replated?
  • What condition are the wood stocks or forearm and or handgun grips in? (Please note any damages, dings or chips.)
  • How is the bore, is there visible rifling?
  • Is the gun in good operating condition?
  • Is it a rifle, or is it a carbine?
  • Does it have a round or octagon or ½ round barrel?
  • If this is a shotgun: is the gun a double or single barrel or does it use a pump or semi-automatic action?
  • On doubles: Does the gun have double or single triggers? Automatic ejectors?
  • Has the firearm been altered from standard in any way?
  • Are you aware of any factory special order features
  • In addition, it would help a great deal if you can e-mail me a clear digital photo or two, one being a close up of the action and any markings or serial numbers. 

Fees for firearms appraisals vary according to the amount of research work involved with each individual weapon. Some examples are given below.

  • Official Insurance appraisals: A photographic record of each firearm will be recorded and a detailed appraisal given for the entire collection. Fee of $40.00 per weapon (up to 20) and $50.00 per weapon (20 & over).
  • For a Hands-On appraisal the fees start at $40. Per weapon for an appraisal involving relatively small amounts of research, the more difficult the research the higher the charges. Generally $200. Would be about the maximum with the average fee being $25. This thorough service will also involve the additional costs of return shipping and carrier insurance for the firearm owner.
  • For a Sight-unseen evaluation that does not involve much research the fee is: $40.00 per weapon, answered by e-mail with a second “hardcopy” mailed to your address in a letter.  For Official Appraisal Document, add $30.
  • As above, with more extensive research involved: approximately $50. – $75. Per weapon.
  • Bank check or postal money order only. Made to: Victor Barone